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Every Song tells a Story

A song creates emotion and impact with every little detail and can make us laugh or move us to tears. A groovy beat, beautiful chords, a melodic, catchy topline and a modern, commercial and competitive sound are the most important ingredients to produce the modern pop sound you are striving for. I made it my mission to let your music tell emotional and interesting stories and work on all these details to enhance your vision into the music it deserves to be. My focus is to craft your music with the tools it needs to let it shine and make it ready for a commercial release.


Dead End

by Benjamin Marschner, Johanna Hoppstock, Backings: Inês Pizarro | Demo


Jasmine Trio plus feat Benjamin Marschner – Night and Day (Voice, Recording, Mixing Mastering) – LINK (if you wanna book us on your next event)

Dinner for Six -Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep (Recording, Mixing, Mastering) – LINK

JURI – Asche und Staub (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Co-Produced with Pierre Grönlund) – LINK

Eva Brooks – Emphathize (Editing, Mixing, Mastering) – LINK

Marius Wagner – A New Beginning (Mixing, Co-Produced with Marius Wagner) – LINK

Julian Quintero – Drei Etüden für Kammerorchester (Recording, Mixing)

I’m there for all your musical needs


It doesn’t matter, if you start with a beat, some chords or a beautiful melody. The most important thing is to tell a compelling story and our depending on your needs our focus will be either on creating an instrumental that has an emotional impact or to create a topline with a catchy melody. Sometimes the arrangement can make a real difference. As a singer songwriter I have lots of experience in creating maximum impact with as few elements as possible and focus on what your music really needs.


What does a song really need? How long does it have to be and which instruments, samples or sounds are the right ones, to create coherent storytelling? We can start from a plain idea, a voicenote or a demo and we will work together to grow these ideas into a finished record. Sometimes additional recordings might be the right thing to do, or we need to thin it out to let your listeners not be overwhelmed by cluttered details.


Which is the right microphone for your voice, which compressor do you need, do you want a natural or even acoustic sound or are you interested in using all the bells and whistles to create a modern, fat sound for your music? If you have some music to record or if you already have some recordings that you want to get to the next level, I will help you to achieve your goal and create a mix ready for release. Of course I also offer related services like polishing your podcast recordings into well-sounding audio, so your listeners can enjoy clear and crisp audio.


Maybe you are just starting out or you want to prepare for an entrance exam. If you are interested in learning guitar, ukulele, harmony or production, we can chat, if you are interested in lessons in my studio or remotely with Skype, Zoom, Signal or WhatsApp.

What others say

“Benjamin Marschner is a great musician, where knowledge and top equipment meet each other. He’s a super professional, opened to other cultures and very empathetic. It was a great experience for me to work with Benjamin on the recording of my last album. The result was awesome and I totally recommend it.”

Denise Krammer

Brazilian Singer & Songwriter

“Benjamin does not only listen in a musical way, he also incorporates all our wishes and ideas while recording with much empathy, so that we as a group get exactly what we need in that moment.”

“Benjamin hört nicht nur hervorragend musikalisch, sondern auch im Vorhinein genau auf unsere Wünsche und Vorstellungen und während des Recordings sehr empathisch auf das, was wir als Gruppe in diesem Moment brauchen.”

Lasse Lemmer

Baritone, Dinner For Six

“Working with Benjamin is always a pleasure and a great security. He is not only an experienced professional, but also a musician and a person with uncommon sensitivity and generosity. Benjamin’s passion for his work knows no bounds and has had an extremely positive influence on our collaboration, which I hope will be the first of many to come!”

Vittoria Quartararo

Pianist, Performer, Music Curator