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Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

 Welcome in my virtual EPK. For pictures in a zip-file just click HERE and if you are missing anything, don’t hesitate, to contact me via my form or write to,  or, depending on your personal needs.

About me. Who am I?

  Glad, you asked. Good one. I am Benjamin Marschner and music is my life. I always loved it and need it as I need air to breathe. As a child I even sang before sleeping. From early on I sang in choirs and played the recorder, before I picked up the guitar, when I was electrified by Nirvana. It made me want to become a musician and so I learned it. Fast forward a little bit, I learned about songwriting and eartraining by transcribing and playing songs. When I became more interested in doing metal, I took these skills and used them in my band Novembers Fall in 2003, where I learned many things about managing a band, metal vocals, booking and a few other things. Well, the band didn’t last, so I moved on and studied Jazz Guitar in Maastricht in 2007 in the Netherlands and later in 2013 in Cologne in Germany. Here I could focus on all kinds of genres and styles from Pop over Classical to Jazz. I also learned more about education, piano, conducting, arranging, harmony and many other things. Through these years until today I had many students for example at the Offene Jazzhausschule in Cologne and some private students, in 2020 I also started to teach remotely via Zoom or Skype.

In the years from about 2009 to 2011 I got interested in music production and film and did some sound designs and soundtracks for short films.

In Cologne I started to bring my main focus more on songwriting, singing and music production. I sang in choirs, different ensembles and performed with my guitar as well. I recorded and produced all kinds of music, from small solo artists to huge orchestras, choirs, organ and everything in between. Sometimes when I get rough versions of songs, some flesh and bones need to be added, while others come with a finalized vision or finished recordings which just have to be mixed into a release ready format.

What I always came back to was the song and I love listening to and making pop music. As a singer-songwriter I perform in almost acoustic environments, songs condensed to its core of music and words.I perform as a solo artist with acoustic guitar as well as in little ensembles, depending on the venue and the ocasion. These songs are warm in timbre and timeless. My productions are more influenced by all kinds of different genres but bringing it together in a modern sound and environment.

I always was fascinated how music can unite humans and how much it matters to them. While some artists have the goal of achieving to perform in big venues or on famous stations I always would prefer someone waiting for the tram and playing some music or driving at night on the street, listening to a song and singing a long out loud. Music has the power to move people and I want my songs to have that impact on people. I don’t want to impress, I want to move them.


To get these pictures (and some more) in a better quality, please download the zip-file or drop me a message.


Please feel free to ask for downloads or other productions or songs not listed here.


Dead End

by Benjamin Marschner, Johanna Hoppstock, Backings: Inês Pizarro | Demo

Light in the Trees

by Benjamin Marschner, Alex Post | Rough Demo


Jasmine Trio plus feat Benjamin Marschner – Night and Day (Voice, Recording, Mixing Mastering) – LINK (if you wanna book us on your next event)

Dinner for Six -Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep (Recording, Mixing, Mastering) – LINK

JURI – Asche und Staub (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Co-Produced with Pierre Grönlund) – LINK

Eva Brooks – Emphathize (Editing, Mixing, Mastering) – LINK

Marius Wagner – A New Beginning (Mixing, Co-Produced with Marius Wagner) – LINK

Julian Quintero – Drei Etüden für Kammerorchester (Recording, Mixing)


“Benjamin Marschner is a great musician, where knowledge and top equipment meet each other. He’s a super professional, opened to other cultures and very empathetic. It was a great experience for me to work with Benjamin on the recording of my last album. The result was awesome and I totally recommend it.”

Denise Krammer

Brazilian Singer & Songwriter

“Benjamin does not only listen in a musical way, he also incorporates all our wishes and ideas while recording with much empathy, so that we as a group get exactly what we need in that moment.”

“Benjamin hört nicht nur hervorragend musikalisch, sondern auch im Vorhinein genau auf unsere Wünsche und Vorstellungen und während des Recordings sehr empathisch auf das, was wir als Gruppe in diesem Moment brauchen.”

Lasse Lemmer

Baritone, Dinner For Six

“Working with Benjamin is always a pleasure and a great security. He is not only an experienced professional, but also a musician and a person with uncommon sensitivity and generosity. Benjamin’s passion for his work knows no bounds and has had an extremely positive influence on our collaboration, which I hope will be the first of many to come!”

Vittoria Quartararo

Pianist, Performer, Music Curator

Any questions left?

I tried to keep this EPK as brief as possible and if something is missing or you need more pictures or more music, feel free to ask me. My contact info is down below. Looking forward to hear from you.